This feel-good workout is designed to help you develop functional muscles and improve mobility needed to perform everyday activities easily. Suitable for all levels, no equipment needed.


30-minute interval workout, designed to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscle. This workout uses dumbbell, bodyweight and/or resistance band exercises to blast all major muscle groups.


A high energy non-contact martial arts inspired workout with lots of punches and kicks. Feel empowered, burn some serious calories and release stress!


One of everyone's all-time favourites. This high energy high intensity class choreographed to top hits will make you sweat while having loads of fun.


Ditch the workout, enjoy the party! Shake your body to catchy dance tunes and lose inches without even realising you're working out. It's all about having fun!

80s 90s AEROBICS

Shake your hair and burn a great deal of calories to your favourites 80s and 90s bangers! Feel like your having fun at a school disco again while working out every part of your body. All levels welcome, modifications will be provided.


This piece of equipment can completely transform your exercise regimen. Affordable and compact, these small but mighty bands are lightweight and portable too. Resistance bands are a great tool for enhancing the mind-muscle connection since you really need to have control throughout the entire movement.


Whether you've had an active day and you're feeling tight, or you've been sitting all day and need to loosen up, this gentle and smooth flow will help you stretch it out. Even if you ‘just don’t get’ yoga, you’ll enjoy the sense of relaxation and calm. No headstands or other tricky postures!


This class will help improve your flexibility, mobility, and balance. You will build core and legs strength, and feel more focused, relaxed and calm in the same time. It’s suitable for any fitness level including complete beginners.


This yoga sequence is perfect for those seeking to relax and unwind after a long week. Perfect for a recovery day and perfect for those needing a little time for yourself. This yoga practice is fun, slow and stretchy and great for all levels. Repeat this practice weekly to promote overall health and become more flexible - both in mind and body! Jump into your pyjamas (or anything comfy), dim the lights or light some candles and join Ana on the mat!


The days of being tested on your flexed-arm hang in gym class may be long gone, but developing upper-body strength is still important. With just a pair of dumbbells and enough space for a yoga mat, you can work every muscle from your shoulders to your abs. You will feel stronger carrying things around, and look more toned in your summer dress.


Keep things fresh, get that extra oxygen burst inside you, build up better immunity and clear your head with this fun, fast-paced bodyweight workout! This class is held with social distancing in place and without any equipment to keep everybody safe.

Sample of our typical schedule for a week​.

Our schedule is never set in stone. We constantly revise and improve it, adapting to government advice, weather conditions and your feedback. Flexibility is our middle name!