Just shoot us an email or request a free taster here. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. You can also phone us like in good old days when people talked to each other! We are friendly and approachable.

Yes, exclusively. All our coaches are former Curves employees and women-only fitness has always been our forte and our passion.

You have to be 16+ years old or accompanied by a parent/guardian to attend our classes. There’s no upper limit – some of our ladies are in their 80s and they are kicking it!

We would recommend first taking an outdoor class if it’s possible so that you could meet the coaches and the team personally. You will feel more comfortable working out with people you already know! After that you can pick literally any class from the schedule or ask your coach for a personal recommendation.

No!  You will work at your own pace and your own level and get our full support. But it will be a challenge as that is how you get fitter and achieve your goals.  There are ladies of many different levels of fitness at Fit2Ahine and all abilities are catered for.

Vast majority of the time – yes you can because the modifications will be provided, and you can choose classes that suit you. Of course, you have to consult your doctor first.

Again, consult your doctor first. If you had been active before, than there’s no reason to stop – you just have to modify certain exercises as your pregnancy progresses.

With Zoom classes, you can be spontaneous and book up to last minute. With the outdoor classes, the sooner the better because the numbers are limited but officially, up to 1 hour before the class. If you decided to join the class last moment and the system doesn’t allow you to book, contact one of the coaches directly – if there are spaces, you will still be able to join the class.

You can cancel a Zoom class anytime, and you can cancel an outdoor class in Bookyway up to 1 hour prior the class. If you missed this window, please contact the coach. Remember, someone else might want your space so try not to cancel last moment.

Wear comfortable workout clothes and layers as the weather might change rapidly and often. Trainers with a good grip are a good choice of footwear. When it’s colder, wearing a hat and gloves really helps. When we start the class, you will get nice and warm really quickly!

We carry on!  Unless the weather conditions are dangerous of course, we wear appropriate clothing for the situation.  In very cold conditions, wear lots of layers that you can easily take off when you get warmed up and put back on quickly when we cool down.  It’s unlikely to get too hot in Edinburgh but make sure you bring water with you to drink.  If it’s snowing (as it did a lot in winter 2020-2021), we have a snowball fight! Statistically, throughout the year we had hardly cancelled any classes so it’s never that bad.

To comply with Government Guidelines and social distancing, no equipment will be shared. Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated. We encourage our ladies to bring friends with them for a free taster because exercise is more fun when done together. Also bring your gorgeous smile!

Mostly, our classes are 30-40 minutes to fit into your busy schedule. Yoga classes are extended to 45 minutes.

At the moment, to comply with Government Guidelines, outdoor classes are limited to 14 participants (plus the coach). If we have more bookings, we split the group in between two coaches. Virtual classes are limited to 30 participants at the moment.

All of us didn’t “do Zoom” a year ago, so if you’re new to technologies we’ll help you set up and talk you through every step of the way. If online classes is still a big NO for you, you can take outdoor classes up to 3 times a week and have great results!

The best option for you would be 12 classes for £42 membership type. If you have a lot of other commitments or just aren’t sure how many classes you will be able to attend, this is a good way to ease yourself into the routine. You can upgrade to Unlimited anytime!

In between the three of us, we hold almost every qualification possible. But, of course every one of us has their fortes. Ivana is a Lifestyle Counsellor & Behaviour Modification Specialist, Clinical Exercise prescription instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Health Appraiser, Cleveland Clinic Embracing Life & Nutrition consultant and adviser. Ana is a certified Level 3 Yoga instructor, and her qualifications include Exercise to Music, Zumba, Strong Nation, Kelta Fit and Circuit Training, Vicki’s qualifications include Boxercise, Circuit Training, Zumba, Exercise to Music, Kettlercise and Les Mills Body Attack.

Our program is designed to offer you a combination of strength training, cardio and stretch for best results. We would suggest to take 3-5 classes a week to start with, combining strength days (Monday and Wednesday) with cardio or dance on the alternative days. The classes are only 30 minutes long so it’s easier to fit them into your schedule.

Weight loss depends on many factors, including your lifestyle outside your exercise regime. We are happy to discuss your weight loss goals with you and help you with nutrition and lifestyle tips. But generally, you will feel stronger and have more energy!