Recipe of the Week – Porridge Jars

Today, we are making Super Fuel – Porridge jars!

Do you have leftover porridge from breakfast? Why not make the porridge jars! They are amazing as a breakfast, snack, pre or post exercise snack. And what is great about them, that you can take them with you wherever you want. They are really simple to make and supper filling. Just fill glass jar alternatively with favourite porridge, yogurt, chopped fruit, seeds or nuts.

This is our formula and 6 favourite toppings:

Layer up in the jar or glass:
Porridge + linseeds, chia or via seeds (milled or just mixed with a little bit of water or any plant milk, soaked for 2-5 min) + Greek yogurt and 1tbsp of maple syrup or honey + toppings of your choice.

Topping 1: Cocoa Strawberries
Sprinkle 1/2 tsp of cocoa powder, chopped fresh strawberries and
shredded dark chocolate.

Topping 2: Carrot Cake
Sprinkle 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, grated small organic carrot and top it
with crushed pecans, almonds and hazelnuts.

Topping 3: Almond Exotic
Add flaked almonds, chopped mango or pineapple and top it with
shredded coconut.

Topping 4: Blueberry muffin
Add blueberries with organic lemon zest.

Topping 5: Banana & Almonds
Add chopped banana with 1tbsp of almond butter and some chopped almonds.

Topping 6: Anything goes!
Add chopped fruit of your choice and top it with your homemade granola.

Instead of porridge, you can use mixed no added sugar muesli or just oats mixed with dried fruit and nuts of your choice.