Join our iconic 80s-90s Aerobics class in studio!

Ladies, I’ve got great news for you: we are throwing two aerobics parties in-person. That’s right, no zoom, we’ll sweat, dance and sing along together.

80s-90s Aerobics class has been everyone’s favourite ever since Ana decided to blow the dust off her leg warmers and  choreograph a class to her favourite tunes. The workout is as serious as an exercise class gets but everyone who’s ever taken this class says “It’s like dancing around a handbag at a school disco again”. You will burn a great deal of calories with a cheesy grin on your face; you will have an A-ha moment and Get Excited; you will work the parts of your body you didn’t know you had. Don’t worry about getting it right or keeping up – modifications will be provided, and it’s about having fun, after all.

We are encouraging you to look the part: leotards, leg warmers, glitter and all the aesthetics is very welcome. Make sure you’re comfortable though because it’s still a workout. You will only need a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

For now, it’s just two one-off events which can become a regular class in the nearby future.

Spaces are limited, so please book in advance.


We have two dates for you and two locations for you:

Date: MAY 29, 11:30 (SUNDAY)

Location: Leith Arches, 6 Manderston St, Edinburgh EH6 8LY

Price: £7

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Date: May 24, 19:30, Tuesday (and every Tuesday going forward)

Location: 53 Saughton Crescent, EH12 5SP

Price: £7

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And let me tell you ladies, we will have an absolute blast.

Please email or message Ana directly on 07999711008 if you have any questions.

See you and your leg warmers on the floor!