New Location – The Meadows!


Ladies, we have great news for you.

As you probably know, our first and (not anymore!) only locations were Lauriston Castle Estate, Barnton Park Tennis Courts, and Davidsons Mains Park. All three locations are amazing but, of course, a bit remote from the city centre. The main reason for that was that most of our clients were Edinburgh North-West based, but now it’s time for us to grow and expand.

Our new location – the Meadows – will be ready to welcome our new and existing members on the 2nd of April, Saturday. At the moment, we are offering morning classes with the following time slots:

  • Tuesday 09:30
  • Thursday 10:30
  • Saturday 09:00

It’s the same time slots as for all our outdoor classes, to avoid confusion. In the future, we are planning to add evening Meadows classes as well.

We will be meeting at the Pavilion Cafe (A700, Edinburgh EH9 1JZ) and running the class near it, depending on how busy the area is. If you are late or can’t find us, please phone Ana on 07999711008.

If you haven’t joined our super-inclusive boot camp for women because Davidsons Mains is a bit out of your way, this is your chance to try it. All the classes are only 30 minutes, so they easily fit into your daily schedule. Your first class is free, so you have nothing to lose!

To book your free taster, please email or message Ana on 07999711008

See you soon!