Love Is in The Air – 7 Days Mini Challenge

Ladies, we are excited to announce a mini 7 days Challenge running up to Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be all about chocolate, roses, hearts and other corny retail items. We are bringing you seven days of loving life. Every day you will get a different challenge. Do them all, or pick the ones you like – it’s up to you. One completed challenge = 1 point. If you collect 7 points, you will be entered into a prize draw and win something nice for your Valentine’s day. What’s not to love?

Day 1. Love Yourself Monday

We’ll start off with a fun challenge that might seem a bit odd to begin with but bear with us. This is an exercise from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way and it helps your creativity and makes you feel good. First, take a pen and a piece of paper and write down at least 10 things you were dreaming of doing as a kid or even an adult. There is no right or wrong, let it flow. Ever dreamt of becoming an astronaut? An artist? A singer? A fashion designer? Write away. Even if you’d known your entire life you wanted to be an accountant, there must have been a dream. Horse riding? Run a marathon? Don’t worry about how realistic (or not) it is. Write a list.

Now, pick one dream and act on it. Of course, you can’t become an astronaut or a nurse on a whim but you can do little things that have something to do with your dream. Wanted to be an artist? Draw something, no matter how poorly! Wanted a dog but can’t have it? Pet someone else’s dog on the street! Run for 5 minutes if you wanted to be a marathoner. Listen to a classical music gig if you wanted to be a musician. If you’re stuck, please speak to us and we’ll give you some ideas.

You don’t have to act on your dream on Monday if you’re too busy, any day of the week will get you a point. We will share our own lists with you guys on Monday afternoon!

Day 2: Love your ABS Tuesday

We have recorded a short but sweet abdominal workout for you – follow along or do it on your own! It’s a great finisher for your daily workout, and it can also be done on its own. You will receive the workout video on Tuesday. Don’t forget to check our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

Day 3. Love your legs Wednesday

Another short workout for you which can be done on its own or combined with the ABS workout. You will receive the video on Wednesday (again, check our Facebook and YouTube). You will be able to do this routine in the class as well.

Day 4: Love your food Thursday

Today, we have not just one but two recipes for you: a starter and a dessert. Check out these delicious Pancakes and Tomato Soup. You can make both or choose one that tickles your fancy.

Day 5: Love your inner peace Friday

On Friday, in a short video Ana will take you through a guided meditation. If meditation is a part of your routine, congratulations! The mental health benefits of meditation are countless.  Quietening the busy mind helps improve focus and concentration, improve self-awareness and self-esteem, as well as lower levels of stress and anxiety. If, like many of us, you find meditation boring at best, and impossible to do, give this short video a chance and see if it makes a difference. All you need to do is find a place where no one would bother you for 10 minutes, find a comfortable sit and close your eyes. By ‘comfortable’, we mean it – no need to sit cross-legged if it doesn’t work for you. You can lie down and meditate, too! This, however, might result in an unexpected nap, so if that is not a part of your plan, sitting might be a better option.

Day 6: Love your friends and family Saturday

On Saturday, we invite you to bring your partner, or your friend, or your child, or your well-behaved pet for our outdoor workout. A workout shared is always more fun! If you can’t bring anyone, we will give you a couple of our new leaflets so that you could share the love for exercise with your friends and colleagues. Warning: The leaflet contains an invitation to a free trial class and might cause health and happiness!

Day 7: Love the world around you Sunday.

On Sunday, we are inviting you to go for a walk, be it with someone else or on your own. Today’s challenge is to notice a heart-shaped natural object around you and take a picture. Clouds, puddles, leaves – anything goes. Be like a human video camera that notices


everything on its way. Rediscover the magic of the world around you and practice mindfulness at the same time. It keeps you in the present moment. It involves being alert and open to new experiences.

Get yourself one point for each completed challenge. 7 points will get you into a prize draw, and you’ll be able to win something lovely for your Valentine’s Day. Please share with us your results daily, using email or our WhatsApp group chat.

Hope you enjoy your 7 days of loving life!