February ‘Love is in the Air’ Challenge

Ladies, we are excited to announce a mini-challenge we’ll run on the second week of February!

Historically, as far as I can remember, Valentine’s Day events hadn’t been all that popular with your bunch, be it at Curves or with Fit2Shine. But this week’s challenge is going to be short and sweet. Its purpose is to discover and rediscover all the things that we love, some of which might be quite unexpected.

Of course, it will involve a lot of self-love action. But what is self-love, is is all bubble baths and ‘treating yourself’ to something, and reassuring self-talks, and ‘taking it easy’? No, sometimes self-love is tough, and involves discipline.

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Love Your Legs mini-challenge
  • Love Your Abs mini-challenge
  • Love Your Arms mini-challenge
  • Love your veg…¬†you get the idea!

On top of that, we’ll rediscover our love to music, nature, silence, and little things around us we don’t normally notice. It’s shifting the focus from routine and mundane to fresh, joyful and grateful.

The mini-challenge will start on the 7th of February and finish on Saturday. On this day, you are welcome to bring your significant others to our outdoor class! Partners, kids, well-behaved dogs – all welcome.

Hope you’re excited for this challenge cause we certainly are.

To sign up for the challenge, just reply ‘I’m in’ to this email. If you are not a member, you are welcome to take part in this challenge as well!

Lots of love xxx
Ana & Ivana & Vicki