Tip of the Week: Drink More Water

Happy 2022, ladies!
One of our New Year’s resolutions is posting more useful information on our website, so every week you will receive healthy tips that are meant to improve your quality of life.
Let’s make this year the one that you will IMPROVE and SUSTAIN your overall health, your emotional balance, fitness, strength or your weight loss, if that’s your goal.
At Fit2Shine, we believe in a Healthy balanced diet, where we eat to feel good, be nourished, energised and eat intuitively based on our energy demands. We do not count calories and restrict foods – we are trying to create healthy habits that last.
healthy tips hydration
Here are some simple steps on how to create healthy eating habits:
  1. Start with inner transformation, focusing on how you feel. Create good, right relationship with food and exercise. Use positive self talk to help you. (This may take some time and lots of self talk, BUT we are here for you all the way to support you!)
  2. Take action – take one step at a time, one healthy habit or one change. Practice it until it becomes second nature and a part of your lifestyle. Once you master it, move on to the next one.
  3.  Are you ready to own it and be in control?  When you lose the excuses, you will find your success. There is always a way, you just need to want to find it and start looking. 👀
🤗If you need some help, we are more than happy to help you. Do not hesitate and contact us.
💦And today’s nutritional habit is HYDRATION
Good hydration is essential for optimal health, digestion, fat loss and energy. A hydrated body works more efficient and also makes you feel less bloated and tired.
Water can help suppress the urge to snack and graze – this is important as most of the time you are likely to be thirsty, not hungry. And this can help you to get your snacking under control. However, use common sense: if you are hungry and are trying to trick yourself into drinking water instead, your body is not going to have it. Be realistic about when was the last time you ate, and how energy consuming your day has been.
And our tip and first nutritional habit is :
Drink enough water during the day – fill up your water bottle in the morning, by carrying it with you at all times you are far more likely to drink it regularly and fill it up a few times each day.
If you are struggling to drink water, squeeze some orange in or chop some fruit up to flavour it.
Let us know how you are getting on, and share some of your ideas with us please.