6 Weeks Challenge to give your health and fitness a boost!

The winter had been hard for most of us, and the lockdown had not helped. Too many long nights in, too much screen time for those working from home, too many take-aways and, sometimes, a little bit too much wine. And, most importantly, not enough motivation.
It’s time you claim your pre-pandemics health and fitness back. Starting a fitness routine is hard, starting over after falling off the wagon is even harder, but we’ve got your back!

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” — Martin Luther King

This challenge is for:

  • Ladies of all shapes, ages and fitness levels, who want to make new friends and exercise in amazing supportive environment.
  • Complete beginners – don’t worry, you can take every workout at your own pace and modify if you need to!
  • Those who ‘fell off the wagon’. Your priorities during the lockdown might not have included fitness, and it’s okay. Time to kick-start your healthier life again!
  • Active ladies who want to switch up their fitness routine with a combination of outdoor classes and a variety of Zoom classes (Strength dumbbells workouts, Zumba, 80s-90s Aerobics, Resistance Bands, Box&Tone, Yoga, Balance and Functional fitness – all part of the Challenge)

What we offer:

  • Up to 15 classes per week both outdoors and online. Our classes are fun, dynamic 30 minutes long workouts that easily fit into your busy lifestyle. Morning and afternoon times are available.
  • New challenges every week to keep you motivated
  • Motivation and support (WhatsApp and Facebook groups for all of your questions and chat with your fitness pals – never underestimate the power of peer motivation)
  • Nutrition help (recipes, tips, answers to your questions, plus bonus – a lecture from our nutritionist Ivana Cingelova. No more diets or calorie counting, only healthy habits for life!)
START DATE: 1st of May 2021

Members: FREE
Non-members: £70 for 6 weeks


Please drop us a message if you want to sign up for Fresh Start challenge, and we will book you in.